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The 360 Degree Magnetic Phone Holder is one of the best phone holders ever for your car! Designed with premium high quality material, this phone holder is perfect for your car and allows you to easily stick your phone on the magnetic surface any time you please.

The magnetic surface can turn 360 degrees, allowing you to turn your phone and view it at any angle you want! The super strong and completely safe magnets make sure that your phone is secure on your car's dash, and it's so easy to attach and take off!

✓ Short range neodymium magnets are safe near all electronics.  
✓ Attach to your phone or phone case! 
✓ The mount uses foam adhesive tape so it can be safely removed from any dashboard. 
✓ Includes 2 metal discs so you can use your Phone with multiple devices. 
✓ Smooth 360 degree rotation gives unlimited angles. 
✓ Compatible with all phones and tablets. 


 Our Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the magnet damage my phone?
A: No. This is a common misconception. Magnets can damage old hard drives because the data was written and read using a magnetic head. Modern electronics, including phones, use solid state hard drives that are not affected by magnets. The Phone Holder is perfectly safe to use with your device.

Q: Isn't it illegal to use your phone while driving?
A: No. Laws differ per country but we are in agreement that the holding of a phone while driving is distracting and dangerous (and likely illegal). The Phone Holder removes the need to hold a phone while driving and allows you to safely and legally use your phone for GPS and hands-free calling.

Q: I use a phone case. Will this work?
A: Yes, you can attach the slim metal disc to your case instead of your phone.

Q: Will this damage my dashboard or phone?
A: No. The Phone Holder uses a special 3M sticker that is designed to be strong but also removable. Removing the metal disc from your phone or the Phone Holder from your dashboard will not leave residue or cause damage.


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