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It's an inevitable fact of life that pets shed fur, which can make a huge mess in your home! 

That's why the 360 Pet Fur Cleaning Vacuum is one of the fastest and most effective ways to deal with the fur storm that your pet is creating on a daily basis. Just attach the cleaning head to the vacuum cleaner, turn it on, and start sucking all the loose fur and dirt into the vacuum cleaner until your pet looks brand new! No more mess and no more cleanup!


  • Sucks all loose hair, dirt, dander and odors in a jiff - Instead of time consuming and messy baths, let the the Pet Cleaning Vacuum do all the work in one minute!
  • Keep your home and furniture spotless - Leave all the fur in the disposal bin and not in your home!
  • Give your pet a deep clean that massages the coat and circulates the blood
  • Fits all standard vacuum cleaning models


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