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The 90° Corner Fixture Clamp is the most handy tool for your woodworking, engineering, welding or other DIY projects!

It will make your job fast and effortless by precisely joining two blocks of different thicknesses at a 90 degree angle. Comes with a rubberized single handle and adjustable rotary jaw to align and hold work pieces perfectly.

The clamp also helps set up and secure blocks instantly. Made of premium aluminum alloy die-casting material, this clamp has a solid grip and is very durable.


  • 90° Corner Fixture: Can join two blocks of different materials and thicknesses at a 90° angle precisely. Eliminates the chance of crooked, uneven angles.
  • Strong Grip: Anti-skid adjustable rotary jaw will align and hold work pieces securely without damaging material’s surface.
  • Fast And Effortless: Clamp helps set up and secure blocks quickly. Rubberized single handle design is comfortable to hold.
  • Ideal For: Aligning, nailing, woodworking, welding, screwing, making cabinets, box and picture frames, engineering, and other DIY projects.
  • Maximum Clamping Range: Approx. 2.68in / 68mm; jaw width: 3.74in / 95mm; jaw depth: 1.4in / 35mm. Can clamp materials like steel rods, metal tubes, wood, thick glass, etc.


  • Size: 41 x 21 cm.
  • Material: High quality aluminium alloy.