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When driving your car, the last thing you want is for your car to get stuck, whether your tires are stuck in the mud, sand or snow.

That's why all drivers need to have the emergency Anti-Skid Tire Grippers to make sure your car can get out of any predicament! Just strap the grip to the wheels of your car whenever you need extra traction to get unstuck from any surface.

Just toss this nifty contraption into the trunk of your car and never be afraid to drive in the mud or snow again!


  • Must-have for emergency situations when your car is stuck and stranded on any type of terrain and conditions
  • Innovative design provides super traction for your slipping tires to get unstuck from mud, sand or snow
  • Prevents tires from wearing out when stuck and spinning out
  • Easy to install and remove and is safe to use - No tools required and fits any tire
  • Durable and made of high quality material - Resistant to temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees

Package Includes:

2 x Anti-Skid Tire Grippers

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