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Tired of chipping your nails while doing everyday tasks like doing the dishes or opening your mailbox? As busy as life gets, finding the time to improve and maintain healthy nails can be near impossible. To bypass all the hassle and avoid spending money on expensive treatments, try Armor Nail Gel today! Rich in Keratin and other essential minerals, the formula works from right underneath your nails to restore them to a healthy state!

Wave GOODBYE to weak, uneven nails in a matter of seconds by simply brushing the Armor Nail Gel on your nails, either as a base coat or top coat! This ingenious product provides abundant coating each time to support weak and damaged nails instantly. Whether your nails are damaged because of past gel manicures, glue or acrylics, or even if you have a pesky nail-biting problem, Armor Nail Gel can and will work miracles to restore your nails to the best shape possible!

Armor Nail Gel can be used as both a base or top coat, making the whites look whiter and brighter while maintaining your natural nail beds in a soft, glowy, healthy pink shade.

Recently got a manicure? Enhance it with a quick application of the Armor Nail Gel as a top coat to sustain the manicure even longer. This product is a nail must-have and will ensure your nails look perfect every time!


  • Repairs and Restores
  • Glossy Gel Nail Finish
  • Promotes Nail Growth
  • Strengthens and Protects

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