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Would you like to wear the entire universe on your finger? This Astronomical Expandable Sphere Ring unfolds into a planetary system sphere!

It is a copy of 16th century jewelry, in which you can find all the planets of the solar system as well as beautifully engraved zodiac signs. In the 17th and 16th century, closed rings were the symbol of love, while opened ones symbolized the whole world.

This ring’s sophisticated design allows you to wear it everyday or for special occasions. This is a spectacular piece of jewelry that can be a meaningful and stunning gift for yourself or your loved one!


  • Historical Meaning: This ring symbolizes romance in the 16th and 17th century; meaning love when closed and the world when opened. This makes it even more meaningful and romantic nowadays.
  • Astronomical Sphere: Ring unfolds and moves like a miniature armillary sphere. It includes solar system planet placements and zodiac signs.
  • Unique Design: Astronomical Sphere Ring is very sophisticated when closed and can be worn as a beautiful vintage piece of jewelry, and when opened, it has a spectacular sphere shape with an engraved universe.
  • Meaningful Gift: This ring can become the most meaningful and beautiful gift for your loved one. It symbolizes romance, love and infinity.



  • Material: Metal 
  • Size: 5-11
  • Color: Gold, Silver