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Watch your phone case change colors with the Color-Changing Thermal Sensitive iPhone Case!

The case's color will change when the temperature rises to over 28 degrees and then restores the original color after cooling. The thermal color changing feature is created by physical changes and not a chemical reaction, which makes it completely safe. Additionally, this spectacular iPhone case provides total protection, is shockproof and waterproof, and is comfortable to hold with great durability and structure.


  • Thermal Induction Color-Changing - When touching the back of the case with a warm hand, the color changes and then returns to its original color after cooling down
  • Durable And Flexible - Provides high durability which means it can withstand different environments and accidents such as scratches and bumps. Very easy to put on and remove as it is flexible yet holds its structure well.
  • Full Protection - Provides great protection with its high quality shock-absorbing rubber components which can withstand shocks, falls, drops, scratches and bumps
  • Anti-Slip Grip - Soft and flexible matte material provides ultimate non-slip grip while feeling smooth to the touch and helps avoid fingerprints and dust



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