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These Natural Stone Positivity Bracelets are unique, colorful, stylish and represent good vibes and positive mood and energy. Made from multi-colored Jasper stones, these stones have been historically worn by kings and priests because they are known to have grounding and stabilizing benefits. They are also known for inducing peace and tranquility while eliminating negative energy. 

The Natural Stone Positivity Bracelets are also fashionable and have a Boho chic style that is popular with free spirited and colorful people. It is made for those with positive and free minds and souls who want to express their appreciation for beauty and art. Each bracelet is unique, as it is made from natural stones with different colors and shapes. These natural stone bracelets are also designed to ground you and bring you closer to nature and the earth.    


  • Positive Effects on Energy and Mood: Promotes positive energy and comfort and reduces stress by relaxing and blocking negativity energy. Known for relaxing and cleansing of energy, aura and mood.
  • Stylish and Fashionable: Boho chic design shows appreciation for beauty and art
  • Unique and Handmade: Made from natural stones so each bracelet is unique in color and shape
  • Environmentally-Conscious and Eco-Friendly: These stone bracelets are made from high quality and recyclable materials and are meant to ground you and bring you closer to nature and the earth


  • Handmade from natural Jasper stones
  • Genuine leather cord
  • Easy-hook clasp
  • Length: Approx. 16cm; 6.2in

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