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Fixing glass cracks in your windshield or your electronics screen can be very expensive, time consuming and annoying.That's why the DIY Glass Repairing Toolkit is the perfect solution to save you time, money and frustration!


  • Glass Repair Kit is perfect for fixing cracks in car windshields and electronic screens less than 1 inch (25mm) in diameter - Repair windshield cracks caused by traffic accidents, impacts, collisions and foreign objects
  • Designed to repair broken glass by evacuating air and filling cavities with liquid glass for a permanent air-tight repair - Restores original strength of glass
  • Prevents cracks in windshields and glass from spreading
  • Saves time, money and headaches - Stop paying for professional repairs or windshield replacements
  • Easy to use - Simply set centering unit with suction cups over damaged area, fill tube with liquid glass, pressurize the liquid glass into the crack, apply curing strips, and wait until the crack is repaired


    • Avoid contact with liquid from Glass Repair Toolkit as it can cause acid burns - Use eye protection and gloves when handling
    • Avoid working under the sun or heat, as resin can harden too quickly before the repair is finished

    Package Includes:

    1 x Repair resin
    1 x Repair device
    1 x Curing strips
    1 x Sleeved razor blade
    1 x Instruction manual


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