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Are you tired of the flooded sinks and toilets? Or do you detect unpleasant drain odors in your kitchen and bathroom? These Drain Cleaning And Anti-Odor Sticks will help you clear your clogged drains and have your home smelling fresh and clean!

The drain cleaning sticks are specially created to stop greasy buildup, and even dissolve hair, food, organic deposits and other debris. The Drain Cleaning And Anti-Odor Sticks are strong enough to clean and sanitize your drains while also releasing pleasant scents to eliminate any odor.


  • Clears Clogged Drains: Releases a concentrated blend of enzymes that clear all the build-up of waste in your drain, such as: sludge, organic materials, hair, soap scum, shaving cream, grease, fats and oils, and more
  • Stops Odors: Sanitizes drains and spreads pleasant scents, which completely eliminates bad odors 
  • Versatile Throughout Your Home: It can be used in the utility room, bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else. Drain cleaning sticks work for all drains and septic and plumbing tanks.
  • Simple to Use: All you need to do is drop one stick into the drain once per month for hassle-free, clean drains


  • Quantity: 12 pcs.
  • Colors: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple
  • Size: 10 cm, 3.94 inches

Collections: Home & Garden

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