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Do you love eggs but don't like the hassle and mess of cooking them? The Perfect Egg Cooker makes preparing eggs so fast and easy without any hassle or mess!

Forget about peeling the shell off of your hard boiled egg. Simply crack your egg and pour contents into the silicone pod, boil the pod, and your perfect egg is ready!


  • Thermodynamic design keeps the heat inside the pod to thoroughly and evenly cook your eggs
  • No hassle and no mess! - Eggs easily pop out of the silicone pods after cooking
  • Add all kinds of ingredients to your eggs by simply sprinkling them in the pod - Add veggies, salt, pepper, spices, and herbs
  • Durable and high quality non-stick material
  • Resistant to heat and cold - Dishwasher safe

How To Use:

  • First grease each silicone cup with cooking spray or oil
  • Crack each egg and pour contents into the silicone cup
  • Once egg contents are inside, screw lids onto the cups until tightly sealed
  • Heat a pot with water until it begins to boil
  • Slowly lower each egg cup into the water, letting the cups float on top of the water
  • After fully cooked, remove egg cups from water and let them cool
  • Remove cooked egg from egg cups and enjoy!

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