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Have you ever thought about doing soldering and solder feeding with a single hand? With the help of our soldering gun, now you can with the Automatic Electric Soldering Gun! Whether you need soldering for electrical jobs, wires, circuit boards, metal, etc., this soldering gun tool is the perfect solution!

The Automatic Electric Soldering Gun is an electrically controlled device made from high quality materials which contains a powerful mechanical attachment and a trigger-style switch for easier single-handed use. With its ample cable length, you can be sure that this soldering gun is going to show peak performance even with large jobs.

The solder wire scaffold provides hands-free solder feeding while soldering. When you press the trigger, the solder wire traces down the steel wire pipe into the heated-up solder head, then melts and flows down to the area that needs repairing. 


  • Perfect Soldering Tool - Easiest and most convenient soldering solution. This soldering gun can be operated with one hand and is made with an ergonomic handle for a more comfortable grip
  • Fast Heating Process - Inner-heated ceramic technology makes the 60 w soldering iron heat up very quickly (thermostat range 200-450 °c), which has a longer service life and faster heating.
  • Energy-Efficient and Safe - With its power switch, this Automatic Tin Iron Soldering Gun is more energy-efficient and safer than other soldering guns. The side door design makes it easy to view the internal operation and easy to replace the heating core.

Automatic Soldering Gun - Grab, Shop & Go


  • Unscrew the screws and attach the tin wire to the bracket
  • Fix the bracket to the solder gun
  • Press the trigger and insert the solder wire into the tin tube
  • Pull the trigger to let the tin wire out
  • When first using, warm up for a few minutes. Smoke emission is normal and will disappear in a few seconds

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