Electrical Wire Connector Pins are the safest and easiest way to connect wires on the market!

These Connector Pins replace the traditional way of wiring, since they connect wires instantly without the need for cutting, soldering or stripping them. Copper tin plating and flame-retardant material makes the pins safe for bonding and decreases the risk of dangerous accidents.

Whether you are working on your boat, vehicle, home or other projects, color-coded tubing will make it easy for you to identify the right size of the connector for every necessary application.


  • Quick Wire Connector: Pins replace the traditional way of wiring, abandoning the cutting, stripping and soldering. Connector then mates with a male tab, making reusable quick-connect wiring termination.
  • Safest Option: Copper tin plating provides increased current flow, conducts electricity well, and ensures less voltage drop. Prevents wiring failures and reduces equipment downtime. Thick tinned to prevent corrosion and flame-retardant material resists temperatures as high as 221℉.
  • Sturdy And Secure: Holds the wire tight when crimped. Locks tightly on the connectors to prevent sliding out. Thicker tinned copper contacts will not bend even when tapping into thicker wires.
  • Variety Of Uses: Color-coded tubing makes it easy to identify the correct connector for every application, whether you are working on your boat, vehicle, home, scientific project, etc.



  • Wire Range: 22-18 AWG(Red) / 18-14 AWG(Blue) / 12-10 AWG(Yellow)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit): 221 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maximum Recommended Voltage Rating: 600 V
  • Material: Nylon; Copper Tin Plating
  • Color: Blue, Yellow, Red 
  • Connector Length: 25 mm 
  • Quick Connecting Wire Connector Length: 37 mm 
  • Diameter: 3.5 mm (Red); 4.5 mm (Blue); 7.0 mm (Yellow) 
  • Terminal Width: 6.3 mm / 11 mm