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If you struggle with applying eye makeup due to blurry eyesight, the Eye Makeup Glasses are a game-changing invention that will make your makeup application a breeze! It helps you to avoid any mistakes like crooked or uneven eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, etc.

The great thing about the Eye Makeup Glasses is that when you put makeup on your left eye, you can just switch the lens to your right eye for clear sight and application, and you can do the same for the other eye. It's as simple as that and a great way to apply makeup flawlessly without mistakes due to poor vision.


  • HD Magnification: It has HD 3x magnification which will help you see the finest details of your makeup application
  • Adjustable Lens: Flip-up lens allows you to see through your other eye while putting on eye makeup, and then you can flip the lens to the other side when applying makeup on your other eye
  • Anti-Scratch Lens: Lens will remain crystal clear for years of makeup application
  • Great for Travel: These glasses are smaller and lighter than a magnifying makeup mirror so it is very convenient to bring with you as you travel



Material: PC

Colors: Red, blue, black

Lens rotation: 180 degree

Collections: Beauty & Wellness

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