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Stop fretting about breaking your precious valuables, as the Super-Sealing Universal Glue can fix and seal most broken or damaged objects in less than a minute! 

The Super-Sealing Glue is fast-sealing, incredibly strong, long-lasting, heat-resistant, firm and permanent. It can quickly repair and bond almost anything that you need to fix.

After mixing the reinforcing powder and glue liquid components, it forms an industrial strength polymer compound that can be molded and adjusted to fix and repair all kinds of objects, including metal, aluminum, steel, copper, carbon fiber, hard plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, rubber,  etc. After sealing the object, it can be painted, filed, polished, machined, and drilled to fit your needs. 


  • Super Fast and Strong Sealing: Can repair breaks, cracks, and holes in under one minute! Forms an incredibly welded-strength bond that is waterproof, oil-proof, heat-resistant, and resistant against most solvents. 
  • Universal Applications: Can structurally repair and fix most materials, including metal, plastics, ceramics, rubber, wood, glass, etc.
  • Special Reinforcing and Filling Powder: The glue powder is especially useful for filling cracks and holes and provides extra strength for the glue liquid
  • Great for Fixing Car Parts and Home Appliances

How To Use:

  • Spread the glue powder into the gap of the broken object
  • Carefully spread liquid glue over the powder to create a sealing mix
  • Wait under one minute for the powder and liquid to seal

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Repair glue liquid
    • 1 x Glue powder

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