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Take the at-home donut bun to the next level with the Flower Hair Bun Maker!

It will help you manage your hair easily and create the perfect bun that looks like it’s been professionally done in the hair salon. Simply roll your hair on the bun maker and you’re ready for any occasion, special events, birthdays, weddings, parties or for casual days when you’re tired of the same hair-do.

The beautiful bedazzled flower also adds an elegant and beautiful twist to your hairstyle!


  • Easy to use: No need to do the donut bun in expensive hair salons. Using this bun maker is super fast and easy: simply roll your hair on it, tie around and get the flawless bun effortlessly every time!
  • Sparkling Flower: Flower detail is bedazzled with sparkling stones. It makes the hairstyle look more exciting and elegant, ideal for special events.
  • Suitable For: Almost any occasion, special events, birthdays, weddings, parties, baby showers, business meetings, and also for casual days if you’re tired of the same hairstyles.
  • Beautiful Pastel Colors: Comes in beautiful pastel colors that can easily match to any outfit.

How to Use:

1. Put your hair in a ponytail

2. Put the ponytail in the headband. Tighten the headband and pull down the last quarter of the ponytail

3. Start rolling your hair up to the top of your head

4. Bend the ends of the hair band to secure the bun 

5. Move your hair and make sure it covers the band

6. Apply hairspray (optional) to set and you're done 


  • Material: Cloth, Artificial pearl
  • Flower size: 10 x 9 cm
  • Length: 30 cm