Want to make lifting and moving heavy objects easier? These Furniture Moving Body Straps will help you transport even the hardest-to-move items without hassle!

This is a single or two-person lifting device that works effectively when lifting heavy or bulky objects like seats, bed tables, couches, mattresses and many other items. It takes the pressure off of your hands and distributes the weight of the object to your entire body through shoulder straps. It encourages proper mechanics and leverage to make lifting objects safer and easier than ever.

Use the Furniture Moving Shoulder Straps and stop hurting your back, shoulder, knees and hands while lifting and moving your furniture around!


  • Safe Lifting And Moving: Ergonomic design ensures moving or carrying heavy objects is easier and safer than ever. The aim is to encourage appropriate upgrading techniques and reduce injuries caused by heavy and repetitive elevations.
  • Adjustable Straps: The length of auxiliary straps is fully adjustable for moving heavy objects as needed and suitable for carrying all kinds of furniture. Each polypropylene strip is 9 feet 4 inches long and has three rings at each end. It can be adjusted up to 48 inches to facilitate the passage of small objects through large objects.
  • Effective Weight Distribution: Significantly reduce load on the arms and hands, avoid back pain, strains and bruises. Eliminate tension with proper upgraded techniques and use the body's strongest muscles, legs and torso.  
  • Protect Yourself and Floors: Can be used when moving not so heavy objects as well. The non-slip mat protects your arms from being scratched. Protect your floor from scratches, indentations, and damage left by dollies and dragging furniture.
  • Superior Materials: Made with high-quality PP and heavy-duty material. With special three-pronged wires, it’s more stable and stronger.  
  • Essential For Lifting: Lift and move boxes, mulch, soil, plants, mattresses, furniture, firewood, storage bins, and much more.