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Do you want to explore new tuning sounds without having to retune your guitar? Now you can discover new chords with the Guitar Open Tuning Capo that gives you new sounds that you can't get with conventional capos. 

The Guitar Open Tuning Capo works by letting you capo each string individually. It fits all guitar fingerboards, and best of all, you can change tunings while playing during live performances.

The Guitar Open Tuning Capo opens a new world of unique and different sounds, chords, progressions, and melodies on your guitar!


  • Explore New Sounds, Chords and Tunes: No need to retune your guitar
  • Universal Guitar Capo: Works with acoustic, electric, classical, and all makes and models of guitar fingerboards
  • Capo Each String Individually: Capo all 6 strings with fine tuning per string
  • Play Unlimited New Chords: You can play new chords and also your original chords, scales and riffs because the guitar is not detuned
  • Great Tool for Songwriters, Composers and Singers: Used by musicians to create songs and sounds

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