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Traditional drawing figures have restricted ranges of poses and expressions. But these Highly Realistic Drawing Figures are a game changer for artists, painters, and illustrators.

These super realistic figures are created with the artist in mind, because they are the ultimate tool for dealing with human postures and body positions. Each figure also comes with an extensive set of weapons, gadgets, a holding stand and numerous interchangeable joints to customize a variety of poses and desired actions.

These figures come in both male and female body type options, which means you can create male and female interactions for your artwork. These Highly Realistic Drawing Figures will make your job easier to create the exact artwork and result that you want.


  • Realistic with Wide Range of Positions: These figures are super realistic and come with numerous poses and positions. You can instantly create poses for any kind of drawing.
  • Includes Variety of Over 30 Interchangeable Joints and Gadgets: Over 30 interchangeable joints and gadgets make it even easier to recreate your desired pose
  • Ideal Tool for Sketch Artists, Storyboarders, Painters, Comic Artists, Sculptors, and Illustrators


  • Size: Figures measure approx. 13-15cm tall
  • Material: PVC
  • Accessories: Comes with a set of interchangeable hands, weapons, and gadgets

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