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We all have leather couches, car seats, furniture and other goods that begin to look old, cracked, scratched and damaged after some wear and tear. Instead of throwing out these hopelessly damaged leather items, use the Incredible Leather Restorer to make them look like new!

The Leather Restorer can treat all kinds of leather and vinyl damage, including cracks, tears, and surface abrasions. It even comes in a variety of colors with a color guide to mix and match almost any color combination for your leather!


  • Simple and Easy to Use - The Leather Restorer can repair all kinds of leather damage, including cracks, surface abrasions and tears, simply by following the included instruction guide
  • Durable Restoration - The leather restorer permanently bonds to leather while providing a "just like new" feel and look
  • Variety of Colors - Coming in 7 different colors, these color compounds can be mixed to match almost any color that you need, simply by following the included color guide

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