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Love eating pasta but not cooking it? Then the Insta Pasta Cooker is just the thing that will let you enjoy more pasta without all the work!

Just place your pasta in the thermal container, add boiling water, cover with the thermal lid, and wait until it's perfectly cooked!


  • No more pots, pans and hot stoves - Just put your pasta in the special tube container and fill with boiling water and wait until it's cooked
  • Thermal conductivity cooks your pasta at the right temperature, resulting in perfectly cooked pasta every time!
  • Prepares up to 2 servings of pasta in 10-20 minutes
  • Works with fresh or dried pasta - No stirring required
  • Cooks all kinds of food, including vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, peas, seafood, shrimp, scallions, etc.
  • Cook pasta on the go - The Insta Pasta Cooker is portable and lightweight to carry on trips and travels
  • Easy to clean - Non-stick container allows you to clean by just popping it into the dishwasher

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