Instant Eye Lifting Stickers (600 PCS)

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Want to get rid of droopy eyes instantly without the surgery? The Instant Eye Lifting Stickers will support and shape your eyelids in seconds!

These invisible stickers will fold under your lid naturally and seamlessly. They will provide you with a beautiful cat eye shape, while lifting the lids gives a more rested and youthful look. No more need to undergo expensive, painful and risky cosmetic surgery, simply stick them on and forget the droopy, saggy or hooded eyes! 


  • Instant Lift: Instantly lifts your eyelids and will take years off your appearance and avoid the tired eyes look
  • Shaping: Gently shapes eyelids and evens them out, giving your eyes a beautiful, bigger and brighter look
  • Invisible and Long Lasting: Stickers are seamless and comfortable to wear all day long. Not affected by sweat, water, or active movement. 
  • Easy to Apply: One-time application can last for a whole day without adjustment. Comes with a special applicator.
  • Anti-Allergic: Made from medical-grade material that will not cause skin or eye irritation. Does not contain latex or petroleum-based gel. 


  • Material: High-quality medical fiber material 
  • Color: Transparent
  • Package Includes: 600 x Eye stickers 
  • 1 x Applicator

Collections: Beauty & Wellness

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