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Forget waiting for hours to defrost the ingredients for your special meal. The Instant Food Defrosting Tray will thaw frozen food within minutes!

This aluminum tray doesn’t require electricity, preheating or hot water - simply place frozen food on the tray and it will defrost incredibly fast at room temperature. Unlike microwave ovens, which partially cook food during the defrosting process, the tray quickly thaws the meat, while also preserving the original taste and 100% of the nutrition. It is also completely safe and no toxic chemicals are transferred to your food. 


  • Fast Defrosting: This tray will thaw chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, lamb chops and more in just 30-60 minutes depending on the thickness. Thawing small foods such as hamburgers, sausages, shrimp and bacon is even faster! 
  • Preserve Nutrition: By defrosting your food on this tray, you will maintain the natural raw taste and nutritional value of the ingredients, unlike other fast defrosting methods
  • 100% Safe: No chemicals or toxins are used in the process. This method is completely safe.
  • No Power Supply Needed: Doesn’t require electricity, battery, charging, preheating, hot water or any other energy source

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