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Shape your tummy, lift your butt and get that hourglass figure you’ve always wanted with the Instant Slimming Body Shaper!

This high-waisted shaper has been designed to flatten your tummy with moderate control, instantly making it look tight and elegant. It is made with breathable fabric, has no stitches or seams along leg openings, and is 100% seamless under the clothes. Comes with silicone lining on the upper waist area to prevent sliding down and also with lining on the end of leg portions to prevent the garment from rolling up. 

The Instant Slimming Body Shaper will tighten your waist and enhances the size of your butt instantly, giving you a gorgeous hourglass shape!


  • Tummy Shaping and Control: High-waist design controls top with tummy panels that flattens the waistline while smoothing the tummy, waist and back.
  • Instant Results: The main benefit of wearing the shaper is the way it makes you look in seconds. It instantly gives you a bigger and curvier backside, slimmer waist, and tighter belly.  
  • Butt Lift: Special mesh on the rear region that helps avoid flattening and will enhance volume. It helps firm and lift your butt and avoid a saggy butt. It doesn’t matter what size butt you have, our shaper will make it look fuller, rounder and more lifted.
  • Long-Term Toning: Consistent use can lead to semi-permanent results. Specifically targeted compression zones for where you need it the most provide tightened stomach, waist and butt toning.
  • Post-Surgery Shaping: Great to be worn after pregnancy or surgical enhancement and fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) to maintain results. 
  • Confidence Boost: No need to go through expensive and risky surgery when you can improve your shape with this shaper. Wear it to look better in your favorite outfits. 
  • Breathable and Hypoallergenic: Made with a breathable fabric and invisible under clothes with targeted compression zones where you need it the most. Anti-bacterial technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes and bacteria.
  • Comfortable All Day: Four-way stretchable fabric provides ultimate comfort. Silicone lining on the leg edge portions prevent rolling up, while lining on the waist prevents it from rolling down.
  • Easy To Wash: Always hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry to avoid damaging the shaper.


Color: Nude, Black

Size: XS, S, M-L, XL