Invisible Strapless Bra Tape (2 Pairs)

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When wearing edgy and risky fashion choices, the Invisible Bra Tape is a necessity. It makes sure that your outfit stays where it's supposed to stay and that you avoid wardrobe malfunctions!

The Invisible Bra Tape keeps your clothing secured to your body, and it also provides great support for your chest area.


  • Keeps Clothing Secured to Your Body
  • Prevents Wardrobe Malfunctions: Great for those backless dress numbers
  • Provides Support and Lift for Your Breasts
  • Fits All Bra Sizes and Is Adjustable: Just cut the tape to fit your chest size
  • Comfortable, Hypoallergenic and Water-Resistant: Does not cause irritation and is easy to remove

Product Details:

  • Package Includes: 2 Pairs of Invisible Strapless Bra Tape (Black and Beige)
  • Sizes: 8 cm (A-C Cup); 10cm (D-G Cup)