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Are you fed up with having to constantly clean up stubborn grease and food and dirt stains all over your kitchen? The Stain-Proof Adhesive Kitchen Protector is the smart solution that will save you time and make your life easier!

This adhesive aluminum foil cover will protect your kitchen from oil, grease and food and dust stains when you're cooking or storing your food. Best of all, it is oil-resistant, waterproof, mildew-resistant, and even fire-resistant! This makes the kitchen protector cover the ideal protection tool for the area around your kitchen stove, cabinets, counter and walls. Stop worrying about grease, oil and food stains all over your kitchen when you're cooking or storing food


  • Perfect Protective Cover for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean: Protects your kitchen from stains and messiness when you are cooking and storing food
  • Oil-Resistant and Stain-Proof: Prevents grease and oil from staining and getting all over your kitchen, including cabinets, stoves, counters, and walls
  • Waterproof, Mildew-Resistant and Fire-Resistant: Adhesive aluminum foil material can prevent leakages of water under the sink and other areas and stop mildew from building up. It can also prevent fire accidents by sticking the cover around the stove.
  • Simple and Easy to Clean: Just swap out the old cover and install a new cover and you get new looking kitchen surfaces!


  • Material: Aluminum foil
  • Color: Silver

Collections: Home & Garden

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