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All of us forget and lose our keys from time to time. Have an old padlock that you haven't opened in years? Accidentally leave your keys in your car? Did you forget where you left your spare house key? This Locksmith Quick-Pick Tool will easily help you save time and money from calling a professional to come and rescue you from your absentmindedness.

With the easy-to-use design, the Locksmith Tool is also suitable for even beginners as it is designed to be quickly inserted into a lock, and with the rapid pull of the trigger, activate all of the lock pins at once.

And if you are a professional, it can really cut down on the time it takes you to open a lock manually, saving you valuable time to move on to other clients.


  • Built-in strong spring that easily picks pin and disc tumbler locks
  • Easy application
  • Compact pocketknife design
  • Made with a lacquer coating to resist stain and rust
  • Suitable for both casual and professional use

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