The At Home Tooth Polisher That Gives You A Fresh From The Dentist Feeling Every Time You Use It.

Rubber cups gently remove tough stains with virtually the same power and precision as your dentist's polishing tool.


  • This kit gently and effectively removes tough and ugly surface stains from smoking, coffee, tea, wine and food that normal brushing doesn't remove. It also leaves your teeth with that nice, glossy, smooth feeling you get after a professional tooth polishing.
  • Easy-to-use: Simple operation and can be used in conjunction with any toothpaste to enhance teeth cleaning
  • Great value: Comes with 5 long lasting polishing cups which will last over 50 polishes each

1) Place a small amount of toothpaste inside and on the tip of the polishing cup and spread some toothpaste over the portion of teeth you will be polishing.
2) Hold the product with your finger on the On / Off button as shown in the picture.
3) Then whilst pressing on the On / Off button, place the rotating dental cup on each area of your teeth you wish to polish.
4) Polish each area for a few seconds.
5) Do not apply too much pressure.The device has a safety feature that will stop it from spinning if this happens.
6) Reapply toothpaste on polishing cup and teeth when necessary.
7) After polishing, clean products by wiping body of products.
8) Then remove the polishing cups and rinse them under water.
9) Each polishing cup will last up to 50 polishes of your entire set of front teeth.
10) We recommend checking for stains once every week and removing them with this product.


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