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If you want to charge your phone while listening to music at the same time, the iPhone Multi-Port Charging Adapter is what you need. Just connect this portable device into your phone, and now you've got two ports available for charging and listening to music!

With this nifty device, you can listen to audio, charge your phone, and accept calls at the same time. It also comes with a magnetic circle which can attach to a magnetic car phone holder. The ring attached to the device also works as a stand to keep your phone upright, or you can use it for better grip on your phone. 


  • Multi-Port Design: Get 2 lightning ports with fast charging or one lightning port and one 3.5 mm audio port
  • Multi-Functional: Receive calls, charge your phone, and listen to audio at the same time!
  • Phone Stand Ring: Ring can be used to keep phone upright or as a finger ring to grip your phone
  • Magnetic Circle: Circle on the device is magnetic and can be used to attach to a magnetic car phone holder