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Don’t let the stubborn rust stains damage your car or other metal items. The Multipurpose Rust Remover Solution will spray away most rust stains instantly!

This solution is cleverly formulated to restore and extend the life of metal surfaces with ease. It penetrates crevices, displaces moisture, dissolves corrosion and leaves a clean, waxy coating without using toxic materials. The Multipurpose Rust Remover Solution is environmentally friendly and suitable for automotive, household, and marine use and more!


  • Fast & Effective: Instantly removes rust and corrosion stains. Effectively restores original shine and provides long lasting results.
  • Protective Preventive Coating: Leaves a thin, waxy coating layer that clings to metal for months. It protects metal surfaces from oxidation and prevents rust from developing again.
  • Easy and Safe Application: No need to wear gloves, masks or any protective gear. Just spray and wipe.
  • 100% Safe: It is safe to use on almost every surface like: paints, metals, plastics, and vinyl. It is also non-conductive and will not cause short circuits, so it's safe to use even on electronics.
  • Eco-Friendly: Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and no fumes.  It is absolutely safe to use around kids and pets.

Net Content: 100 ml