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The Multipurpose Design Drawing Tool is the last design tool you will ever need! It has been created for a perfect sketching and seamless drawing experience.

This tool allows you to effortlessly draw ideal circles and multiple different patterns. In addition, it works great as a straight and curved metallic ruler, while also serving as a compass and protractor combo.

This portable stationery item easily fits in your notepad and you can carry it wherever you need.


  • Multipurpose Design Tool: Has two wings with multiple different design curves. This gives you the flexibility to use whichever wing meets your needs, whether for drawing straight and curved lines or angles. 
  • Compass Drawing: Straight attachable wing is great for drawing perfect circles with radius of 16mm to 80mm. It also doubles as a ruler, which enables you to draw straight lines, angles and beautiful arcs.
  • Different Patterns: Curved wing helps draw curved lines, arcs, ellipses, hexagons, angles, high-precision arcs, and much more.
  • Pen Holder: Can hold pens of different sizes with diameter of 10.8mm. The holes can accommodate various cartridges of pens, pencils, and markers as well.
  • Portable and Convenient: This is a highly portable stationery item. It has no sharp point and doesn't poke holes through paper, yet is still stable enough to not move around with the rolling base.
  • Ideal Drawing Tool For: Designers, artists, architects, journal enthusiasts, mandala lovers, illustrators, tattoo artists, students, and creative professionals to carry in their pockets.



  • Wing Material: Aluminum
  • Base Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 13.1 x 3 x 1 cm