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If you've ever had neck, back or muscle pain, the Portable Neck & Back Muscle Massager will do wonders for you! It massages and kneads the pain and stiffness out of your muscles with the exact amount of pressure that you want.  

The pressure point balls provide targeted direct massaging of the muscles where you need it most, especially the neck, shoulders and back. So save money and time by using this innovative device when you don't have time to go to a massage salon.  


  • Pressure Point Ball Design: Silicone pressure balls deliver deep massage to relieve muscle pain and knots
  • Portable and Lightweight: Relieve your neck and back pain anywhere you go, including at home, in your car, or the office
  • Promotes Blood Circulation: Improves blood flow throughout the muscles, promoting muscle healing of ailments and issues such as soreness, stiffness and tension
  • Fully Customized Control: Comfortable and ergonomic handles give full control of your massage, delivering the perfect amount of pressure for yourself


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