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If you're into wrapping gifts, it can be a major hassle and intensely frustrating trying to cut wrapping paper with scissors or knives, which can result in uneven, ripped and jagged cuts; not to mention wasted paper, paper cuts and messy pieces everywhere.

The Perfect Wrapping Paper Cutter makes it easy and safe to get perfect cuts every time, saving you time, wasted paper, and major frustration. The cutter is designed so that all you need to do is slide the paper roll into the cutter cylinder, choose how much paper you want to cut, and simply slide the cutter across for a perfect cut.   


  • Cut Wrapping Paper Perfectly Every Time: Get super straight cuts and make your gifts look professionally wrapped with the perfectly angled and safe cutting blade
  • Easy and Fast: This cutter will save you time, wasted paper, and frustration
  • Fits All Sizes of Paper Rolls: Flexible tube design fits all kinds of wrapping paper sizes

    How To Use:
    • Slide Wrapping Paper Cutter cylinder over the wrapping paper roll
    • Choose length of wrapping paper you want to cut
    • Slide cutter to end of the roll and place sheet in the blade slot
    • Slide cutter across the sheet for a perfectly straight cut
    • Bring cutter cylinder to the middle of the wrapping paper roll to hold it in place as an organizer until you need to use it again

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