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Does your furry pet shed hair everywhere and drive you crazy? Then the Pet Glove Cleaning Brush will be music to your ears! 

This nifty Glove Brush will peel off layers of shedding fur from your pet's coat like cotton candy, so it will end up on your glove for clean and easy disposal, instead of all over your house like a fur storm!


  • Get Right and Left Handed Gloves - Two full finger gloves allow for maximum control and coverage
  • Special Design - Tons of grooming bumps and tips that provide a relaxing massage while brushing away hair, dirt and dander off your pet's fabulous coat
  • Versatile Use - Great for long, short and curly haired pets, including dogs, cats, horses, etc. 
  • Lightweight, Breathable and Eco-Friendly - Machine washable
  • Full Hand Control - Five finger and one size fits all (adjustable wrist strap) design allows for maximum control and coverage 

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