Want to make perfect rings of juicy pineapple with ease? The Pineapple Ring Bites Slicer will peel, core, slice and dice a pineapple in very simple steps!

Cut the fruit with slicer into the center, rotate it clockwise, and pull. The delicious pineapple meat emerges without pieces of rind and core, making your life so much easier!

You can leave the spiral as is, make perfect shaped rings, or even dice it into small cubed bites. The preserved empty shell can even be used as a bowl for your delicious pineapple treat!


  • Doesn’t waste delicious parts of the pineapple and pulls out maximum amount of usable fruit
  • Peels, cores, slices and dices a pineapple fast and easy
  • Juicy pineapple flesh comes out without pieces of rind or core, leaving the entire edible parts and empty shell behind
  • Spiral pineapple can be left as is or made into rings. You can even dice it into small cubes or other shapes
  • Perfectly preserves the shell to use as a bowl for your fruit salad
  • Great for hosting parties or everyday use
  • Made of heavy-duty stainless-steel cutting shaft and  smooth plastic handle and dicing ring
  • Easy to clean and safe for washing in the dishwasher



Material: Stainless Steel + PP

Size: 10c x 24cm, 3.94” x 9.45”

Color: Black, Yellow, Green

Package Includes: 1 x Pineapple Ring  Bites Slicer