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If you have poor posture that is negatively effecting your back health and appearance, it's time to get the Back Posture Corrector! This comfortable and easy to use device is for both men and women who want to help straighten their backs and improve posture for better and more attractive back health

This is especially suited for those that work all day sitting in a chair or hunched over a computer. Now you can spend the day with good posture that will benefit your spinal health and help prevent neck and back muscle soreness, as the Back Posture Corrector makes it very easy to keep your back straight and pain-free!

Many people ignore the fact that poor posture can cause long term health problems. Poor posture can cause enormous stress on the spine, and it is becoming more widespread as more people spend their days sitting in chairs and at computers everyday. Not only can poor posture harm your spine and neck, it can also have a negative effect on blood pressure and oxygen and energy levels.

The Back Posture Corrector works by keeping back muscles and bones aligned properly, reducing physical and mental fatigue and stress, and preventing back problems.


  • Long Term Posture Correcting: Posture corrector brace supports the upper back and comfortably pulls back the shoulders for proper spinal alignment. This results in long-term muscle memory over time so that your back will automatically be trained to maintain good posture on its own.
  • Light and Comfortable: Wear under or over clothes for an all-day comfortable fit with breathable padded materials
  • Prevents Back and Neck Pain and Stiffness: Decreases stress on the back from poor posture and resulting pain and soreness
  • Wear Invisibly Under Clothing
  • Fits Both Men and Women: This posture brace works for both men and women and adjusts to different body sizes
  • Improves Appearance and Makes You Look Taller


    • Color: Black
    • Weight: 100g
    • Size: Medium (27-36" Chest); Large (37-45" Chest)

    Collections: Beauty & Wellness

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