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Do you loathe doing yard work? Tired of using bulky, hard-to-use weed whackers that take forever to set up and are difficult to move around?

The PORTABLE WEED TRIMMER is the perfect yard tool for anyone who wants to maintain an immaculate lawn in a fraction of the time, effort and cost that an expensive grass trimmer demands!

Equipped with a powerful engine, you can finally now cut all of the unwanted grass and weeds in your yard without having to deal with messy electrical cords! Portable and handheld, the PORTABLE WEED TRIMMER fits in your pocket and makes clipping weeds or canvasing your lawn faster and easier than ever. Traditional weed whackers are heavy, expensive and extremely loud, but the PORTABLE WEED TRIMMER is lightweight with enough power to even cut through wood!


  • Powerful trimmer and edger in ONE tool
  • All the RPM power of a traditional expensive trimmer yet fits in the palm of your hand
  • Lightweight extension pole allows you to reach difficult spots - no more having to use ladders!
  • Comes with a protective debris shield for extra coverage and safety

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