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Cutting edge technology meets brilliantly formulated skincare with the SMART LED FACIAL MASK. Changing the scope of the beauty industry one treatment at a time, the SMART LED FACIAL MASK is the world’s smartest mask treatment, using the power of LED light therapy to deliver stunning results. It will cover all your skincare needs, including hydrating, moisturizing, brightening and firming. The SMART LED FACIAL MASK utilizes an exclusive Korean mask formula to provide a deluxe facial treatment in mere seconds!

THERMO-THERAPY & CRYO-THERAPY TECHNOLOGY utilizes your skin’s natural reactions to heat and cold for more hydrated, refined skin!

  • Thermo-therapy: Gentle heat relaxes, soothes & revitalizes your facial epidermis layers, while infusing active mask ingredients into your skin, making them more effective in less time
  • Cryo-therapy: Cooling effect works instantly to refresh and rejuvenate thh skin, reducing the appearance of pores and minimizing puffiness


  • BLUE LED: Kills acne-causing bacteria and stimulates blood circulation for healthier looking complexion
  • GREEN LED: Brightens dull complexions and evens skin tone for an instant boost of radiance
  • RED LED: Erases signs of aging and stimulates collagen production for younger looking skin


  • Utilizes LED light therapy to treat skin and provide soothing facial massage via THERMO-THERAPY & CRYO-THERAPY techniques
  • Comes with THREE photofacial settings
  • Made of medical-grade silicone
  • Safe & effective for all skin types - UV-free
  • USB-rechargeable
  • 100% waterproof, making it safe to use in the shower or bath


  • Material: Acrylic / Medical-grade silicone
  • Power Source: 1 lithium polymer battery (included)

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