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Do you find yourself wasting hours of your day sweeping and vacuuming your floor? We can put an end to that! 

The Robot Auto Cleaner is the new way to quickly and effortlessly clean your floor. It reaches the most difficult corners to clean, and it was specially developed to make cleaning under furniture a breeze.

It eliminates all the dirt, hair, dander, dust and more from your home with a system that automatically detects obstacles like chairs, walls, corners etc and then changes direction accordingly.



It works automatically inside your home by removing dust and dirt thanks with its microfiber fabric. It is totally silent and very easy to use - Just install the microfiber fabric and the robot will clean all the dust and dirt it can find. The fabric can be used on both sides and is very easy to clean.

The robot is perfect for those who love to get home and find it automatically cleaned. Just press the ON button, go about your business, and let the robot cleaner do all the hard work!


  •  Clean your home easily without having to strain yourself
  •  Easy to use, it cleans any smooth surface of your home
  •  Great for cleaning difficult to reach areas
  •  Automatically detects obstacles and then changes direction accordingly


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