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Do you suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain? All of this can be caused by improperly bending your back, but the Seamless Orthotic Back Posture will help you correct your posture in the shortest possible time!

This is a shoulder strap brace that can hide under your clothes seamlessly. It evenly distributes pressure on the shoulders and releases the abdomen while relieving body fatigue. It helps get rid of hunchback postures and achieves a comfortable spine angle. Continue to use the Seamless Orthotic Back Posture and gradually improve and correct your back posture!


  • Posture Correction: Corrects your posture and restores correct and healthy posture to your body. Helps eliminate hunchback postures. 
  • Pain Relief: Corrects neck, shoulder, back and spine alignment, which helps relieve pain in those areas as well as stress and fatigue.
  • One-Handed Strap On: Comes with elastic belt and velcro which is super easy to strap on. Simply align the shoulder strap on your shoulders and stick the velcro together. 
  • Ultra Comfortable: Uses non-toxic and harmless TPU as raw material, which adds auxiliary high-elastic additives to enhance its elasticity. Doesn’t dig in or irritate the skin and is ultra comfortable to wear all day long or even in bed.
  • High Quality: Made of high-quality flannelette and leather on the back of velcro so it is very long lasting.


  • Main fabrics: Cotton fiber 56.5%; Polyester fiber 40.0.
  • Suitable for: Men, women, and children
  • Length: 16 x 4 x 10 cm.
  • Color: White / Black.
  • Size: M / L / XL
  • Weight: 50 g.