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You've invested a lot into your new iPhone, and you want to make sure it's kept in pristine peak condition. That's why it's time to get the Self Repairing Screen Protector. This special screen protector recovers from scratches, drops, shocks and bumps by absorbing all kinds of damage and returning to original form.

So do your precious phone a solid and make sure its screen is taken care of!


  • Self-repairing PET material screen protector is resistant to scratches, drops, bumps, and breakages - Surface of the protector mends damage to itself and returns to form
  • Gives ultra clear and high definition quality - You can't even notice it's on the screen
  • Maintains full touch sensitivity
  • Easy installation with no annoying air pockets under the surface
  • Very flexible and moldable
  • Precise fit for your phone
  • Protects against stains, liquids, water and oil - Anti-fingerprint design




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