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The Unbreakable Smart Charger is one of the best cable chargers made for gamers and high performance individuals who require lightning fast charging while using your device at the same time. Not only does it charge very fast, it is super strong and durable to withstand the toughest conditions around.

Standard chargers are constantly fraying and breaking apart, but the Unbreakable Smart Charger is designed with braided fiber technology that is often used for aerospace and military applications, which makes it super strong and durable. This braided fiber design is also fused with extremely effective conducting materials that can charge your phone 187% faster than other types of standard cables.

Best of all, the 90 degree angled plug lets you to charge your phone in any position, making it very comfortable to charge while gaming, watching videos, or browsing on your phone.


  • 90 degree angled adapter design allows you to comfortable use your device without the cable getting in the way
  • Double protected braided fiber cable prevents breaking and allows you to bend and twist the cable in any way without worrying about damaging it
  • Perfect for mobile gaming and watching videos in landscape mode
  • Includes daytime and nighttime mode to prevent overcharging

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