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In the summer time, your car can turn into an oven when left under the sun, literally cooking everything inside your car, which is dangerous, especially for kids and pets.

That's why the Solar Power Car Cooler is a necessity for keeping your car cool and dry when leaving it out in the sun. It actually takes power from sunlight to rotate its fan and expel the hot air outside, keeping the inside of your car cool and fresh from the scorching heat.

The Car Cooler ventilation system fits with any car window and does not require batteries, as it automatically blows hot air out of your car to keep the inside at a safe temperature.


  • Utilizes the power from sunlight to cool your car instead of heat it - Solar powered and no batteries needed
  • Cools, ventilates, and detoxifies the interior of your car - Keeps your car at a safe temperature
  • Compatible with all types of cars and windows
  • Saves energy and money on fuel and air conditioning
  • Keeps your items and valuables safe in your car - Lengthens lifespan of car parts
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

How To Use:

  • Simply roll down your car window and hook the device on to the top of the window
  • Apply rubber strips on the edges for waterproofing
  • Slowly roll the window up until it is closed and watch the Car Cooler perform its magic


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