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The Telescopic Stainless Clothing Line is an innovative solution for your home for hanging and drying your clothing. Most clothing lines don't look good in your home and are unstable and weak.

The Telescopic Clothing Line is elegant, modern and seamlessly fits in your home! The line consists of stainless to make sure that your clothing is always clean and secure on the line. Unlike other types of clothing lines, this can support heavier loads of clothing.


  • Telescopic clothing line fits seamlessly and inconspicuously in your home with an elegant and modern look - Clothing line components blend in with the walls of your home and the line hooks in the panels for a custom fit
  • Sturdy, durable and rustproof - Stainless steel line does not rust and corrode, keeping your clothing clean and secure on the clothing line
  • Retractable and saves space - The retractable stainless steel line can extend across your room to hold your clothes or it can retract for easy storage


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