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The Super Bright Telescopic Tactical Flashlight is the perfect flashlight to help you in emergency situations. Whether you are driving your car in the dark, hiking outdoors in the evening, or just need a reliable flashlight at home, this versatile and powerful flashlight features up to 30,000 lumens to make sure you are safe with high visibility at all times.

The Super Bright Telescopic Tactical Flashlight comes in 3 different flashlight modes to fit any situation, whether you need a super powerful beam for maximum visibility or a lower intensity beam in regular situations. It even features an emergency strobe light to signal for help. 


  • Super Bright Light: Features up 20,000 lumens of power with advanced battery technology and LED chip that preserves life of the flashlight up to 50,000 hours of intense brightness.
  • 3 Lighting Modes: Includes a powerful high-intensity beam, regular-intensity beam, and emergency high-visibility strobe light. 
  • Telescopic Zooming Capabiltiies
  • Waterproof and Rechargeable: Can be recharged by USB cable and is IPX-6 water-resistant
  • Strong, Durable and Compact: Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy and robust military grade materials



  • Body Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Lens Type: Convex lens
  • Emitting Color: White light
  • Charger: Micro USB