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The Remote Control Car Roof Umbrella Cover is an ingenious invention that protects your car from all the elements and weather conditions when parking outside. Whether you want to keep your car cool in the summer from the scorching sun, or you want to protect your car from damaging snow and ice during the freezing winter, the Car Roof Umbrella Cover will keep your car completely safe and sound from scratches, dents, freezing ice, and burning sun. Simply press the button on your remote control and watch as the Car Umbrella Cover expands and closes. It's like parking your car in your own personal garage when you're outdoors!

The Car Roof Umbrella Cover is so strong that it can even protect your car from bricks thrown at the roof! That means it will keep your car safe from freak accidents like falling tree branches, rocks and even bird droppings, because you never know what will fall from the sky to harm your car! It has a Snow and Object Shaking System to shake off snow or anything that comes in contact with the roof of your car, making sure your car isn't buried in snow or any other kind of object.

Last but not least, we all hate entering our cars after it is left out in the sun, because the interior can get suffocatingly hot. The semi-automatic car umbrella canopy blocks 99% of UV rays, creating a layer of airflow between the roof of the car and umbrella, which prevents heat from cooking the inside of your car!


  • Super Strong Protection: Protect your car from any kind of weather condition and even accidents. The Car Umbrella Cover is strong enough to even shield your car from bricks!
  • Remote Control: Use a remote control device to automatically open and close the car umbrella
  • Wide Protection Coverage Area: The car umbrella canopy covers the entire roof of your car, protecting it from all kinds of objects and precipitation such as rocks, tree branches, leaves, dust, pollen, snow, ice, rain, etc.
  • Snow and Object Shaking System: Anything that hits the canopy will bounce off
  • 99% UV Light Resistant: Protects your car from the scorching heat and keeps the interior cool
  • Foldable, Portable and Easy to Carry
  • Adjustable and Portable Wires and Hooks: Ultra light wires secure the Umbrella Cover to your car for very easy installation



  • Expanded size: 4 x 2.1m
  • Folded size: 870 x 260 x 180mm
  • Power: 10W
  • Material: Carbon steel; Oxford; PVEA; Nylon

Package Includes:

  • Car roof umbrella cover
  • Car umbrella skeleton
  • Remote control
  • Wires and hooks
  • Installation instructions

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