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We all know that food and drinks such as coffee, wine and sodas stain our teeth, and unfortunately regular brushing can't remove them. But besides going to the dentist, what can we do about it?

Now you can get the same quality teeth cleaning of a dental visit at home with the Super Teeth Cleaning Sonic Pick!


  • Ultrasonic cleaning device packs 3000 pulses and vibrations per minute to gently and effectively remove stains, plaque, tartar, and clean your teeth!
  • Preserves the enamel and is safe for sensitive teeth as well as dental work such as veneers, crowns, and implants
  • Great for all around teeth cleaning including the tooth surface, between teeth and gum-line
  • Silicon flossing tip for cleaning gums
  • Comes with an LED light for better visual inside the mouth
  • Powered by 1x AAA battery (not included)

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