Are your ready for endless fun with your family and friends this summer? The Super-Fly Mini Frisbee takes the game of catch to an entirely new level!

This little frisbee has both an ergonomic grip and an aerodynamic design. From its original shape to the sidearm throw and its mesmerizing flight, there simply is nothing else like it.

This mini frisbee can float on the water and fly up to 60 meters, unlike regular frisbees. And the best part is that it fits in your pocket for fun anytime and anywhere!


  • A New Way To Play: A better and more fun option of playing a game of catch, it replaces balls and regular frisbees. Perfect for taking along with friends, on family vacation, or anywhere else you want!
  • Various Tricks: Pass to each other and test different tricks as you throw. Level release = level flight. Angled release = curved flight. 
  • Super-Flying: Designed from the ground up for high performance for long throws and fast paced action. Learn special throwing techniques and get the frisbee to fly different distances up to 60 meters! 
  • Pocket Size: Ultra portable and fits in your pocket. Small size enables spontaneous fun in any location. Take it everywhere.
  • Durable Rubber Design: It is water-resistant and floats on water which is ideal for the beach or pool. Flexible and recyclable rubber also makes it super pleasant and soft to catch.


  • Diameter: 6.35 cm
  • Height: Approx. 1.27 cm
  • Weight: About 21 grams
  • Color: Neon Green