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The Teeth Whitening Nano Scrub uses nano-technology to whiten and erase stains from teeth, while cleaning and eliminating bacteria. This whitening eraser is especially designed to remove tooth stains caused by the main culprits of coffee, wine, tea, fruit and vegetable juice, smoking, etc. 


  • Erases and removes tooth stains from coffee, wine, tea, juice, smoking, etc.
  • Nano tube technology absorbs stains from teeth - Contains soft cotton texture
  • Eliminates and cleans bacteria from the mouth
  • Safe for the enamel and non-abrasive
  • Safe and non-toxic
How To Use:
    1. Dampen the white sponge strip with water and squeeze out excess water
    2. Gently brush and scrub tooth stains with the sponge surface, which will absorb the stains
    3. Rinse mouth after you are finished using
    4. Clean every 15-20 days to keep teeth white

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