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Safety footwear is essential in certain workplaces and areas, but it can sometimes weigh you down. Titan Military Grade Sneakers are a revolutionary product that can thrive in the toughest environments, while still being super lightweight and comfortable!

They feature a smart design with all necessary safety features plus maximum comfort. These sneakers were created to fully protect your feet on site and anywhere without the weight of safety boots.

Titan Military Grade Sneakers also have the ultimate sleek and stylish design, making them ideal for casual days and for heavy duty work days.


  • Heavy Duty and Durable: Comes with a built-in steel head to protect your toes from impact. Won’t budge and hurt your feet even when hit by heavy objects. Will last for a lifetime.
  • Water-Resistant: Made of 100% waterproof material which can still perform at its best even with varied weather conditions.
  • Non-Slip, Strong Design: Has a military grade sole which can’t be pierced by any sharp object and is non-slip, making it safe to walk on wet surfaces, ice and even on oil.
  • Maximum Comfort: Made of soft, flexible, and breathable material that is super comfortable. Sneaker conforms to your every movement with ease and is ultra lightweight.
  • Ultra Sleek and Stylish



Material: Polyester + Rubber

Available Sizes: EUR 39-44

Package Includes: 1 Pair of Titan Military Grade Sneakers